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Card parser is for the general parsing of card (doh!) objects, aka vCards & vCals. It is a event orientated parser designed to be used in a similar manner to expat (a XML parser).

ccard License

All code is under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) as specified in license.txt


Does NOT


  1. Create a card parser

  2. Init the parser:

  3. Feed it Data

  4. Free the card parser


- const char *CARD_ParserVersion()
- CARD_Parser CARD_ParserCreate(CARD_Char *encoding)
- void CARD_ParserFree(CARD_Parser p)
- int CARD_Parse(CARD_Parser p, const char *s, int len, int isFinal)
- void CARD_SetUserData(CARD_Parser p, void *userData)
- void *CARD_GetUserData(CARD_Parser p)
- void CARD_SetPropHandler(CARD_Parser p, CARD_PropHandler cardProp)
- void CARD_SetDataHandler(CARD_Parser p, CARD_DataHandler cardData)
- typedef void (*CARD_PropHandler)(void *userData, const CARD_Char *propname, const CARD_Char **params);
- typedef void (*CARD_DataHandler)(void *userData, const CARD_Char *data, int len);

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